Thursday, 13 December 2007

Unexpected Reader (When Blog get Exposed)

Blogs for some are like an outlet to them, a diary. And I'm one of those. You don't want to really hide your blog site as you want your friends to be updated on what is happening to you. But then again you tend to forget that ANYONE visit your site.

Well, I was chatting with my client (yes he's my client) and he asked me a question that bothered me (actually till now).

How the hell did he know that?
I only share that piece of info to my friends (upto my cliche friends. But he is my client).

And BoGsh! Yan kasi blog ng blog.

I really dont know how the hell... pano? simpleng blogsite lang naman to. Am I that popular? (feeling! kapal!) Is he a stalker? (i doubt).

Ang dyahe na tuloy magpost ng kahit na ano dito.

night. sleepy

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Let's Ex Links!

Let's Ex Links!
TO THOSE BLOGGERS WHO LOOVED TO X-LINKS WITH ME: Pls link me first then message me with your Blog Url. Right after I check your blog, I'll do the same... I'll add you to my "Blog-er Friends". Mind you that I always visit blogs that I linked. So please do the same. Thanks :) Have fun browsing :)