Monday, 3 December 2007


The DAY of my first ever interview since I started working with this all-employees-can't-wait-to-resign company has finally came. I am really really hoping to be employed with this company. I don't want to revolve my career with Sales. I want to grow and learn with Marketing! And even if the location of my new dream company is not Valero type ambiance, it's actually uberly okay with me.

The Overthinking Me:
Oh minsan yung feeling na its too good to be true pag natanggap ako dito sa company na to. Ayoko na maranasan yung rejection. I know tatanggapin ka lang if u r FIT for the position.. pero.. majujudge ba nila ako kagad sa unang interview?

The Status:
Well, my status right now is to wait for their call. If they won't ring me up this week, isa lang ibig sabihin non. MOVE ON GIRL!! But I can't seem to think of any reasons why they won't invite me for a second interview.

The ball is woth the Almighty already. I did my best. And I pray that he'll give me what's best for me. I'm so used with rejection anyway.. (ano to? bat may bitter-ness?haha)

*nawa'y ma-include nyo po ako sa mga prayers nyo*

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