Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bakit Cook? Bakit?

Nakakaiyak! Bakit naging strike three from Simon si David Cook??
If you watched the finale of American Idol, you get what I mean. If you did not watched, well you better be!!! It's the BEST season of all!!

To be honest Simon has a point. The past performances of David Cook was WAY better compare to his so-called winning pieces. Hey don't get me wrong. I'm a COOK fan. He's obviously way more talented than cutie-adorable Archuleta. Cook's version of Always Be My Baby, Billie (Billy) Jeans, and I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing was an outstanding performance!! BRAVO!! Sana di ba namili nalang siya dyan noh? It will remind people of his signature. Original pa naman din yun ah. Pero its very important na yung last eh a winning one, a performance that will leave a mark to everyone. WAHHHHHH!!!! Bakit David C.?? Dahil ba nagbreak tayo? (joke!) hahaha!

Pero didn't you noticed? David C. looked stressed sa finale performance. He has this cute body angle when he smiles while he sings.. I was waiting for it, pero wala. Di ko nakita sa kanya. I dunno he looked stressed talaga. He wasn't in his coool, calm aura as he always is during performances.

aww weell, who ever wins, okay lang. They both are good. COOK FANS let's reminisce on this one. Pampalubag loob. As my friend Punky says "orgasmic". Enjoy!


anneberly's beyond said...

eveyrbody is talking about this brilliant guy.

Hi Shaula, I got an award for you

shaula0pink said...

hey thanks anne!

mArGa said...

david c0ok is a h0ttie! ;)

palaboy said...

di ko rin alam bakit si cook nanalo... mas na feel ko ung mga songs ni David A. pero ganun talaga e... biro mo ang laki ng lamang ni Cook kay David A....

shaula0pink said...

@ marga:
yep! he's a total hottie!

@ palaboy:
si David C. nga yung kauna-unahang nanalo na di okay yung final performance niya. Pero infairness the guy has a superb talent and was able to prove that every week of AI ever since from the start. Kaya i think, he deserves the title.

mArGa said...

deserving s c0ok na maging winner.. para kasing pang-choir lang c archuleta.. ;p

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