Friday, 16 May 2008

This Week Seemed to be Shorter

I dunno why it seems I'm busy and tired. I feel like my scheds are utterly full. But if you take a look at it, it wasn't that bad and hectic.

Well, maybe because I just came from a vacation and I need to go back to work in finding my work. (huh? hahaha!). My family and I just went to baguio last weekends. And I had a great time of picture moments. haha! I have like 600 photos to edit!!! wahhhh!!! just thinking about it makes me tired and not even want to start it. I tried starting it but nyeh.. wala talaga ako sa MOOD! It's the first time that I'm not in the mood of editing my shots.

Ang dami ko pa namang gsto ishare sa inyong lahat at unti unti nang bumababa page hits ko. Kaya whether I like it or not, there's no room for me to be tamad at all!!!

Samples of my shots:

Okay 596 to go!! waahhh!! Once I'm done with it, I'll share to you all photo addict like me. And maybe I'll post my prediction and reactions about AI to increase my readers. hahaha! waahh!! Ang sarap kasi ng weather! ang hirap kumilosss!!!

1 comment:

lionel said...

600 photos to edit?
Naku, burn-out ang katapat niyan. Suggestion: pili mo lang ang best photos (yung di na kelangan i-edit) at iupload na "as is."

You'll feel better that you have some photos up already, and didn't have to do much work. :D

BTW, nakuha ko link sa blog mo via pinoyblogosphere yahoogroups. Peace!

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